Friday, February 17, 2012

My Sisters Baby Boy!!!!!

On Sunday last weeek we all traveled to Middlemore hospital. We went there because she was getting her first baby.When we got there we went straight into the Pregnant unit.

When we got inside we saw the elevator so we ran inside it and pressed the number 2. Then we got out and saw the reception and asked them if they know where is Tamara Togafiti at. Now we got to go through the automatic doors and then we saw her room and then went inside.

Once we saw her she was crying and saying that she has a sour tummy. So we were looking for the emergency button then my brainy little nethew said to press the staff button. Finally the 2 ladies come and say what is going on then my mum said 'my daughter's blood is running.'

Afterthat we moved into another room. Then my sister said that she can't breath so then she had to take the pumper. Soon the nurse come's and says has to get ready for her baby to out................


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