Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long Weekend

In the weekends I went to Ten pin bowling. I went with my family and friends.We all traveled by car.

As soon as we got there we got to go in laser strike it was fun after that we got 10 dollars each so we can play some games.
'Guys come get your shoes'! my mum shouted out to us. Everyone was having alot of fun.

The next few hours my parents asked if we were hungry so then we all went or a walk to Burger King and it was yummy. After that we all got into groups and then we all had a challenge of who is going first of playing pool table.At the end of playing pool table we had to see who had the most points also who ever wins they get another 10 dollars to play arcade game.

When we won the money we were playing some games then we had to see who would collect the most tickets.Then we all played basketball 'hahaha we won again' I whispered and laughed at the same time.

When we got home we all rushed to the pool table but especially the boys so mum said if we a going to fight we have to do a dance competition first. first it was the group that had won which was my cousin William so they started. Then my mum announced who won the dance and we all got shocked that it was my cousins team.

Finally everyone got dropped of home.................. THE END

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