Friday, April 8, 2011

My Pt England flag

Hello my name is Caroline Te’a i’m a year 6 student in room 17 at Pt England school. I am going to show you my own design that I did on my poster flag.I really like it if miss M comes to our class because she comes with alot of art work .Also I think we are just waysting her time printing and making her walk alot of times. My flag to me looks like it suit the wall in our class.I really chose this design because I will never leave the word Samoa Pt England and Savaii out. I think my class is JALUSE that my work is the best in the class.First I sececthed on a peace of paper afterthat I had to paint finally we have to pastal it if we have finish we will statple it on the wall. Also we do step by step on our scetch paper.Yes! its time to statple our fantastik amazing and cool work on the nice colored black wall.Ohh! are we still doing art because I love and love art for ever.

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