Friday, April 27, 2012

Holiday highlight

   Yes! we a all back to school wooho I just kept thinking of school while we were on a cool trip.The trip was going to Manukau but don't know what place. "Hurry hurry get in the car" my sister said, when we got in the car I had no idea where we were going. Mum said this was a good surprise for me and my brother,I just coudn't wait until we got there.But before we went there we went to pick up my niese she lived in Papatoetoe which is not too far from home. I thought we were far away but mum said we a nearly there. "YAY! a we going to Rainbows end mum?" "you will have to wait and see" she answered. We entered through a beautiful entrance that said WELCOME TO RAINBOWS END. As soon as the car stopped I quickly hopped out of the car, then my niese said wait for me Caroline. When my mum hopped out of the car I gave her a enormous hugg then she said what was that for and then I said that was for bringing us here. "Mum can we go in now" I said to my mum "No we have to get the tickets for all of us then buy something for us to eat" mum said. Of we went to buy us something to eat after we ate we went on the rides. First we went on the fear fall that was scary I never had butterflies like that before. When we finished we went on the power search it didn't give me butterflies but I got scared because it felt like I was going to fall out of the seat it was super scary for about my age. Then we carryed on by going on the other rides. Now it was time to go to aunty's house and pick up Vanessa then we went straight to Eden Park to watch New Zealand against Australia {Kiwis and Kangaroos}. When we got there it looked like we were late because no one was there but we were a bit to early. Finally the game was about to start and the crowd were cheering for the Kiwis and some were cheering for the Kangaroos.But then my brother tried to make us laugh by saying that he is going to sit on the Kangaroos side. Then I looked down on the field the Kiwis and the Kangaroos were all ready ready for their games. "Go Shaun Johnson I shouted out" and I got scared because people were looking at me. After that my niese got happy because Shaun Johnson got a score "GO KIWIS GO KIWIS GO KIWIS" she started of by singing her song. The next few minutes the Kangaroos got a score and my niese got so queit then me and my brother also my mum started to crack up laughing.


  1. Wow Caroline that was a really cool story of yours.I haven't been to Rainbow Ends.Look like you had a lot of fun there.I didn't know you went to watch the Kiwis and Kangaroos game.


  2. Hi Caroline,
    that really sounds like you fun.that was a really great story you wrote about your holiday i cant wait to see more things on your blog again.Keep up the great work Caroline.


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